Posted on Jan 13, 2021

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Why do you think you need a Hollywood smile?

A Hollywood Smile gives you a full smile makeover. It is a total dental smile makeover, also called as "change your smile aesthetics. Veneers have played an important role in giving a beautiful and perfect smile to many. Dentists carry out a total smile makeover in this aesthetic procedure. A bright smile can improve the appearance of a person; in some cases, the attractiveness of the smile can also have a huge degree of impact not only on the aesthetics but also on how a person can lead a quality life.
Our team can provide you with your very own Hollywood Smiles with our Smile Makeover Treatments. It is suitable for anybody with
Malformed Teeth, Enamel Hypoplasia, which means the amount of enamel is not enough, Enamel Hypo calcification, it is a condition in which enamel is partially mineralized, Dental Fluorosis, it is teeth discoloration which is caused by excessive fluoride intake, Staining of teeth due to Antibiotics or other medicines and tooth Erosion, in many cases the enamel surface of teeth wear off by acids.
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